Bring Your Business Online!

Expand your unique personal brand online and attract more clients world-wide while working from home or anywhere. 

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

 – You’re excited by the idea of running your business online but you don’t know where to start, what steps to take, and the confusion is keeping you stuck in fear and frustration


 – You’d love to make money from the comfort of your home, and you’ve seen what’s possible for others but you doubt yourself and your ability to achieve the results you dream about

 – You have the knowledge, experience and vision for new ideas to expand your business that can make a difference but you are unsure of what you need to monetize it online


 – You’re plagued by negative ‘what if?’ thoughts, such as “What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail?  What if I end up working all hours and never get to spend time with my family?” keeps you awake at night

Technology doesn't have to be scary!

The thought of having a website, build courses or  digital products, sales funnels and automated systems leaves you cold and you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it!


I get it and here's the thing.

What’s truly required is a shift in perspective.  What if building a successful 
online business was actually quite simple?


You’ve got the knowledge, unique skills and expertise.  Times have changed and you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone. You now prefer to work from home. You’re tired of the commute and realize you can do this online.   


The problem is it can feel very overwhelming.  There’s ALOT of conflicting information out there.  You wonder if you need a website and how to attract a steady flow of clients?  It’s confusing!

Mental Chatter

On top of that, there’s the internal noise of your own mental chatter, fueled by fear and self-doubt! You need clarity, a plan and guidance.

I don’t believe in coincidences. 

I think you’ve been guided to my page because it’s time, and you’re ready.

Untitled design-8

Can you imagine this?

  • Waking up every day aligned with your vision as you manifest your goals because you have crystal clear focus and a clear direction.


  • You’re no longer distracted by the confusion because you are embracing your inner-power, finding purpose and your own path.


  • With the right strategy, systems, and support you’re making strides and you’re celebrating your successes every step of the way.

If this interests you, I am here to guide you and
it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Hi, I'm Lourdes

I’m an Online Business Mentor & Success Coach

I’m passionate about helping talented men and women align their vision & introduce them into the online business world so they feel confident and guided without sacrificing their life’s mission and their purpose.

Learn more about Lourdes here.

Such kind words!

Client Testimonials

"I've consulted with Lourdes with respect to marketing and advertising. She's patient in her communications and is keenly aware of the necessity to explain the functionality of her strategy in a manner that is understandable yet comprehensive for optimal applicability for practical usage. In short, I can't say enough about my enthusiasm and trust for all the work she has afforded to me throughout the course of our collaborative ventures."
Don B. - Owner of don Barry Counseling Service
Lourdes has extensive experience combined with expert knowledge in technology, digital marketing and the latest tools. Beyond that is her wonderful approach to work, always willing to share know-how, reliable and efficient with excellent communication and managerial skills.
Zeina B. - Owner of VEEfficent
"On behalf of MIVNET, we appreciate the way you have managed our social media and marketing. Several MIVNET website subscribers noticed increased exposure. Thank you for your excellent service."
Mark L. - Principal and architect

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